Want to take your outdoor relaxation and entertainment to the next level? An outdoor table is a perfect addition to any patio or deck, and we've got the scoop on all of them.

We've done extensive research into different outdoorsy tables designed specifically to hold your wine bottle while you enjoy nature. From rustic wooden designs to lightweight folding options - there's something out there for everyone.

Whether entertaining friends at an afternoon get-together or simply kicking back at night under the stars, you can easily have access to your glass of wine. Read our review today and find the table for your wine.

How We Choose The Best Outdoor Wine Table

You want to enjoy a glass of wine and some cheese outdoors but don't have anywhere to set anything. Check out our selection of outdoor wine tables. These tables are designed for just that - outdoor drinking!

Made of sturdy materials like cedar or teak, these tables will last you season after season. Plus, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

We've gone through all the options available, read the reviews, and came up with a list that will help you find just what you're looking for.

Bambüsi Portable Beach Table

Bambüsi Portable Beach Table

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Brand: Bambüsi
Product Dimensions: 13"D x 13"W x 21.5"H
Color: Natural Bamboo Color
Shape: Round
Special Feature: Portable, Space Saving, Lightweight, Stain Resistant

Why We Love The Bambüsi Portable Beach Table

Wine lovers, listen up! For outdoor wine festivals or family picnics, the Bambüsi Portable beach table is the perfect addition. With its bamboo construction, this wine and cheese table is both elegant and clever - your guests will love mingling around it as you serve up delicious platters of assorted cheeses, hams, and crunchy crackers.

Complete with a wine opener and six stainless-steel cutting knives with wooden handles in hideaway sections, this table has everything you need to enjoy a nice outdoor party. With Bambusi, get ready for an unforgettable gathering.

What You Should Know About The Bambüsi Portable Table

If you're planning the perfect classic picnic, then you need to look no further than the Bambüsi Portable Beach Table. Crafted from super-sturdy Moso bamboo and with a folding design that won't take up too much space in your car, it's perfect for taking out on trips.

Whether you're setting up beachside for a romantic meal, or popping it in the park for family picnics, it'll give you a clean surface to keep your food off the ground.

Plus, it's easy to set up in under two minutes - just unfold and enjoy! Not only that, but bamboo is naturally sustainable so you can feel good about your picnic.

Wine Barrel Creations Outdoor Table

Wine Barrel Creations Outdoor Table

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Why We Love The Wine Barrel Creations Outdoor Table

For connoisseurs of fine wine, the Wine Barrel Creations outdoor table can provide more than just a great conversation starter - it can become the centerpiece of a home.

Crafted from 1" thick solid oak, this oak wine barrel can be used as an actual functioning table or can simply serve as decoration for bringing the charm of Napa Valley into your home.

With its original cooperage marking and metal bands, an extra special element is brought to life in your home and can leave guests astounded.

What You Should Know About The Wine Barrel Creations Outdoor Table

Looking for a unique piece of furniture to dress up your outdoor patio? Look no further than the Wine Barrel outdoor table. This used barrel comes from a local winery and is great for enhancing any outdoor space into a stylish, sophisticated area.

The wine barrel can be used as an outdoor table - simply place the barrel in your desired location, add a glass top, and you have yourself an impressive piece of furniture sure to draw attention from all your guests.

And if you're looking to make more of a statement inside the home, this used wine barrel is also perfect for accentuating any wine cellar or bar area.

INNO STAGE Portable Foldable Wine Table

INNO STAGE Portable Foldable Wine Table

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Product Dimensions: 11.2"D x 15.2"W x 0.6"H
Shape: Rectangle
Table Design: Tray Table

Why We Love The INNO STAGE Portable Foldable Wine Table

The INNO STAGE portable and foldable wine and snack table is the perfect accompaniment to all your outdoor needs. Its beautiful bamboo construction is a wood known for its durability and rich grain, making it suitable for all of your outdoor gatherings.

With its 14.8"X11" size and carved slots, you are all set with all the elements you need for an outdoor wine table. It is great for barbeque, a classic picnic, or outdoor wine festivals with friends and family.

So if you're looking for all the elements that you will need in an outdoor wine table conveniently put together in one go- get yourself the INNO STAGE portable & foldable wine and snack table.

What You Should Know About The INNO STAGE Portable Foldable Wine Table

The INNO STAGE portable and foldable wine and snack table is a perfect accessory for wine lovers or anyone who wants a wine table that is easy to store indoors.

This bamboo table allows you to have your favorite beverage with you no matter where the moment takes you as it can fit on any ground surface, even rough rock. Its chrome-plated legs also fold flat against the table so you can store it away, making transporting it around or taking it on a picnic super easy.

Plus, with enough space to place two glasses of all sizes, and being able to wipe dry easily after use, this portable wine table is the perfect addition to any event from a champagne breakfast in bed with someone special, to an age-old ritual between friends out camping under the starry night sky.

Keter Outdoor 7.5 Gallon Cool Bar

Keter Outdoor 7.5 Gallon Cool Bar

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Brand: Keter
Product Dimensions: 19.5"D x 19.5"W x 33.2"H
Color: Brown
Shape: Round
Table design: End Table

Why We Love The Keter Outdoor 7.5 Gallon Cool Bar

This nature-inspired collection features a stylish and functional portable bar table with a hidden cooler. Once the lid is elevated, it reveals the 7.5-gallon capacity fridge that can hold up to forty 12oz cans or wine bottles.

Not only will it serve as an exceptional wine and beer dispenser, but also as a  patio coffee table/ workstation. Get ready to impress your guests while keeping your beverages always at the perfect temperature.

What You Should Know About The Keter Outdoor 7.5 Gallon Cool Bar

The Keter Outdoor side table is the perfect companion for any outdoor gathering. Crafted with resin to prevent rusting, peeling, and denting in all weather conditions - you can be sure your cooler will stay looking crisp no matter how many shindigs you throw its way.

Cleanup is also incredibly easy thanks to its built-in drainage plug. After your party, wipe dry the surface, pull out the plug to drain the contents of the cooler, and let it dry. It's also easy to store indoors. So, why wait? Grab this wine table now.

Tovolo Bamboo Wooden Wine Table

Tovolo Bamboo Wooden Wine Table

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Brand: Tovolo
Product Dimensions: 8"D x 14"W x 16"H
Color: Brown
Shape: Oval
Special Feature: Storage

Why We Love The Tovolo Bamboo Wooden Wine Table

The Tovolo Bamboo Wood Table & Wine Glass Holder is a must-have for outdoor fun. Whether you're planning a beach day, a picnic in the park, or an outdoor barbecue, its pointed stake anchors make sure it's secure in whatever terrain you find yourself in - grass, sand, and more.

Not to mention you can rest your glass of wine or other drinks of choice in one (or two) of the cutouts that are designed to fit all types of glasses. And if you ever feel like using the table for some food preparation, then don't worry. The bamboo wood surface doubles as a cutting board.

So go ahead and try it; balance plates of barbecued goodies or cut fruits and cheeses right on top of your stylish new outdoor accessory.

What You Should Know About The Tovolo Bamboo Wooden Wine Table

Looking for a stylish and functional way to enjoy wine outdoors? Look no further than the Tovolo Bamboo Wood Table & Wine Glass Holder.

It's perfect for picnics and beach trips, thanks to its easy transportability; the stake unscrews from the table for compact storage, fitting easily into any bag or suitcase. Plus, it requires no tools to assemble - just screw it into place, and you're ready to go.

Even better, with dimensions of 16.25 x 8.25 x 1.75 inches for the table, it takes up minimal space in any picnic basket or cooler. The stake itself comes in a sleek 14-inch length when put together. And don't worry about upkeep - simply wash with soap and water when needed.

Outdoor Wine Table - FAQs

Outdoor wine tables have been getting a lot of buzz lately, but there are still some people who are unsure about their features, caring methods, and materials used.

We put together this list of the most common questions about these wine tables to help you understand this furniture better.

What material is a wine table made of?

Outdoor wine tables are typically constructed from either natural or composite materials. Natural materials such as teak and redwood make for durable, weatherproof tables that look beautiful in any garden setting.

Composite materials like extruded aluminum, plastic/resin composites, powder-coated steel, or wicker are also popular choices due to their strength and durability. Together with the proper maintenance regimens, these types of materials can last for several years even in open-air environments.

Are wine tables weather-resistant?

Yes, most of them are weather-resistant because they are typically made with hardware and materials that can withstand both extreme cold and heat as well as moisture. For example, these tables usually have metal frames or legs which are powder-coated to make them rust-resistant.

The tabletop is usually made from a durable material like high-density polyethylene, teak wood, aluminum slats, ceramic tile, or some other kind of weatherproof material. Additionally, many outdoor wine tables have a protective coating to ensure further that the table stays in good condition for years to come.

Can wine tables be used in both indoor and outdoor settings?

Yes, outdoor wine tables can be used both indoors and outdoors. The table top is waterproof and designed to withstand the elements of nature, making it suitable for outdoor use.

Additionally, its durable construction means that it can also be used in indoor environments without worrying about damage from spills or scratches. If you're looking for an elegant piece of furniture that is both durable and stylish, then it can be just what you need.

What is the weight capacity of an outdoor wine table?

The weight capacity of a wine table depends on the materials used in its construction. Generally, outdoor tables made out of metal tend to have a higher weight capacity than those constructed from wood or plastic.

Metal frames are more durable and provide more stability while also being able to support heavier loads. Their typical weight capacity is between 400-600 pounds depending on their size and the construction material used.

Does an outdoor wine table come with a wine rack or wine glass holders?

Yes, a wine table usually comes with both a wine rack and wine glass holders. Depending on the design, some tables may include additional features such as a built-in cooler for keeping your bottles of wine chilled.

Many outdoor tables also feature bottom shelves or compartments dedicated to storing and organizing different types of glasses. With highly weather-resistant materials and portable folding designs, these tables are ideal for parties in gardens or yards. Furthermore, their elevated structure helps prevent spills by ensuring that glasses remain securely locked in place during mealtime.

Can you adjust the height of a wine table?

Absolutely! Many modern wine tables come with adjustable legs that allow for easy adjustment of the table's height and ensure a comfortable experience when dining outdoors.

You can also purchase separate leg extenders designed specifically for outdoor tables which provide greater adjustability and enable you to customize your seating setup according to your needs.

Furthermore, if you are looking to make some quick changes while entertaining guests at a party, the use of risers or cushion mats is also an option. Adding boards underneath will give you extra height with no fuss.

Does the outdoor wine table come in different sizes or color options?

Yes, outdoor wine tables come in a variety of sizes and color options. Depending on the model and design you select, the size may range anywhere from small tabletop units to full-sized stand-alone bars.

Many models also offer color choices such as classic blacks or browns, white or cream finishes, deep reds, or metal accents - giving you the ability to pick something that will fit your aesthetic and needs best.

Additionally, these wine tables are typically designed with weatherproof materials like aluminum and stainless steel, allowing them to last for a long time even when sitting outside in harsh conditions.

Is assembly required for the outdoor wine tables?

Yes, assembly is required for outdoor wine tables. However, the good news is that most manufacturers provide detailed instructions with their products and make setup and installation a breeze.

Additionally, many suppliers also offer assembly services, so you don't have to do it yourself. Finally, if you get stuck on any part of the process or simply don't want to assemble an outdoor wine table by yourself, there are plenty of local handymen who can professionally install one for you in no time.

How do I maintain an outdoor wine table?

To ensure your outdoor wine table is in great condition and lasts for years, there are a few tips you should follow.

  • First, always make sure to clean the surface of your table before use. A damp cloth will do the trick. Make sure to dry it completely afterward as any pooling liquid can cause staining or even worse – rot.
  • Second, if using your outdoor wine table outside on a regular basis, consider purchasing an umbrella cover or other shade solution to protect it from direct sunlight as this can quickly damage and discolor the surface.
  • Lastly, try not to leave any glassware out in extreme weather conditions such as snow or hail since it could crack or shatter when exposed to these elements.

If you follow these steps and take care of your outdoor wine table accordingly, it should last you for many years.

Can an outdoor table be easily stored when not in use?

Yes, an outdoor table can easily be stored when not in use. The table typically folds up or collapses down into a smaller size, allowing it to be tucked away in a closet or shed when not in use.

Additionally, most models feature weather-resistant materials such as aluminum and stainless steel that are designed to withstand the elements even during long periods of storage.

Some models come with removable vinyl covers that offer further protection against rain and other environmental factors while the table is being stored outdoors. Finally, if you choose a model with wheels, you can quickly move it to any area of your home for convenient storage.

Can I keep multiple bottles of wine and glasses on an outdoor wine table?

Yes, some handmade nature wine tables are built to accommodate multiple bottles and glasses of wine. They may feature two side compartments for easy storage of larger bottles and four slots in the top tray for smaller or standard-sized bottles.

Additionally, some have a round stainless steel rack that securely holds up to 8 large stemless glasses - perfect for entertaining friends!

The Best Outdoor Wine Table For You

After going through all of the different outdoor wine tables, we hope you were able to find the perfect one for you. Be sure to take into account what material will best suit your needs as well as the size and shape of the table.

Don't forget to also think about how many people you'll be entertaining often and if you'll need extra space for serving platters and utensils. Now that you have all of this information, it's time to make your decision and start enjoying your new outdoor wine table. Click any of the buttons above to check out the prices of our top picks on Amazon.

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