Hoping to picnic in boho chic style?

Check out our best boho picnic table finds - they will help you create a stylish and functional outdoor space. With different styles to choose from, there's sure to be one that fits your needs.

Gather up your family and friends and get ready for some good times at the boho-inspired picnic table. Read on to get all the details about the best boho tables for picnics.

How We Chose The Best Boho Picnic Table

Picnics are a lot of fun, but they can also be a lot of work. You have to pack all the food, drinks, and utensils, not to mention find a spot that's secluded enough for you to relax without being bothered.

Not only is it a hassle to pack everything up and haul it to your picnic spot, but you also have to worry about finding an appropriate place to sit. It's impractical to bring your own traditional picnic table and if there isn't one available at the site, you're out of luck.

Our list of the best boho picnic tables on Amazon provides you with a variety of options when it comes to choosing the perfect table for your next outdoor get-together. These tables range in size from small enough for two people up to large enough for a party of eight, so you're sure to find one that fits your needs. Plus, many of these tables fold up so they're easy to transport and store.

Generic Boho Wooden Table

Generic Boho Wooden Table

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Why We Love the Generic Boho Wooden Table

When it comes to finding the perfect furniture piece for style and functionality, few pieces can compare to the Generic Boho wooden table. This low-folding beauty is perfect for any occasion – whether you’re hosting a party or just want to make the most of your outdoor living space.

The Generic Boho wooden table promises years of entertainment in absolutely any environment; it’s perfect for relaxing after long days with friends or family gatherings on weekends. Whether you’re hosting a small party or inviting a large group of guests over—this low-folding table won't let you down.

What You Should Know About the Generic Boho Wooden Table

Measuring 28 inches by 48 inches, and just 13 inches in height, this boho table is the ideal size for your garden parties, picnics, camping trips, and other occasions. With its stunning design and rustic wood finish, this low table is perfect for any outdoor setting - you won't be able to look away.

Made from finely crafted solid wood, this tabletop is strong, stable, and beautiful. Unlike similar models, it has no exposed hinges or clumsy clasps – just smooth edges and a minimalist design that won't detract from your setup. It’s also surprisingly light which makes it easy to move around whenever necessary.

When not in use it can fold down conveniently and be stored away effortlessly – occupying minimal space while still giving you room whenever needed. The timeless design of this picnic table blends in seamlessly with whatever type of vibe you’re trying to create.

iHomey Portable Table

iHomey Portable Table

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Why We Love the iHomey Portable Table

The iHomey portable table ensures that you have a sturdy surface anywhere you need it. The fact that this table folds makes it easy to stow away in a car or backpack, while its lightweight design makes it easy to carry around.

With maximum flexibility and storage capabilities, this classy choice of furniture offers value for money like never before. It makes a perfect choice for bohos and party organizers that are looking for the ideal outdoor accompaniment that won't break the bank.

From board game nights in the backyard to art and craft activities on patios, with iHomey at your disposal, setting up for a fun gathering has never been easier.

What You Should Know About the iHomey Portable Table

The natural wood finish of this picnic table is perfect for those who want their outdoor furniture to reflect their boho style. Crafted from high-quality natural wood that has been treated for durability against scratches, water, and excessive wear - it is the perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor events.

And with its heavy-duty construction, this tabletop can even handle heavier items like coolers and snacks. The lightweight frame and convenient carrying bag make transportation and setup a breeze.

With its adjustable hinges, it allows you to customize any setting according to your own needs. And when you’re done using it? Just detach the legs and store them away in the included carry bag. This table is truly where convenience meets practicality.

Mybaq Boho Foldable Picnic Table

Mybaq Boho Foldable Picnic Table

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Why We Love the Mybaq Boho Foldable Picnic Table

Love the boho chic look of your outdoor or indoor living space? Then you’ll love the Mybaq boho table. This stylish, high-quality large table is perfect for picnics and outdoor gatherings, as well as indoor spaces like game rooms and living rooms.

This table has enough room to spread out any snacks, beer bottles, books, or whatever else you desire. All these while still giving visitors those much-needed tablescape vibes. It's also foldable so you don't have to worry about taking up too much space when it's not in use.

With its beautiful natural wooden finish, the Mybaq table adds both style and substance to any gathering. If your home needs a special touch and boho feel without sacrificing quality or durability, then this boho table is just what you need.

What You Should Know About the Mybaq Boho Foldable Picnic Table

Mybaq proudly produces this table from the highest quality wood materials, ensuring sturdiness wherever your bohemian vibes take it. The heavy-duty steel frame makes sure that your table remains sturdy even in windy conditions. And because it folds up into a small size when not in use, it's extremely easy to store away.

It comes with its own handy carrying bag so you can transport your table wherever you go. Plus its adjustable legs allow you to quickly convert from a low-height sitting level to one suitable for standing - all at the turn of a knob.

This boho table stays true to that nomadic spirit - easily foldable for storage and so light you won’t struggle to move it around. After all, you never know when you’ll have company - outdoors and indoors alike.

Mybaq Wooden Folding Picnic Table

Mybaq Wooden Folding Picnic Table

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Why We Love the Mybaq Wooden Folding Picnic Table

If you're looking for an eye-catching addition to your garden or patio, look no further than the MYBAQ portable table. This smaller version of the Mybaq table is perfect for adding a touch of bohemian style and structure to any outdoor space. The boho chic vibes will be sure to draw attention as it fits naturally into any room that it's placed in.

This foldable and low-lying table also provides additional convenience, reducing the clutter on your patio. It is versatile enough for both entertaining guests and daily use. You can easily store this wooden table away when not in use, adding practical functionality to the beauty that it brings.

This beautiful, yet sturdy table is perfect for all occasions whether you’re hosting a party or having breakfast in the garden. It’s lightweight enough that you won't break a sweat transporting it around your home. Plus, being of incredible quality and constructed with durable wood you’ll find yourself endlessly cherishing this piece.

What You Should Know About the Mybaq Wooden Folding Picnic Table

The Mybaq table is 28x60 inches in size, large enough to comfortably seat your family and friends, but it’s also easy to move around or take on excursions like picnics. The frame is made up of strong wood material that ensures an extremely reliable product while its user-friendly design allows easy folding with minimal effort.

This wooden table kit consists of four pieces that assemble intuitively without having to hunt around for screws or tools. The pre-drilled holes make assembly fast and secure while leaving the finished product looking sleek and free of unsightly screws. Plus, the brushed finish gives off a true boho vibe.

Lastly, the surprisingly light yet durable construction lets you move it around with ease, giving you a perfect fit wherever you take it. Its innovative low foldable design makes setting it up and taking it down easier than ever before, allowing you to tailor your setup depending on your event's needs.

There you have it, the bohemian tables that are perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re out at a park, beach, or anywhere else, your boho vibes will follow you.

So what are you waiting for? Get yours today and start creating beautiful outdoor memories to last a lifetime!

Don't forget to read our FAQ section down below to get some answers before finally making your choice.

Best Boho Picnic Table - FAQs

Have questions? We've got answers! Check out our frequently asked questions section and get all the information you need to make an informed purchase decision.

What is a boho picnic table and where can I find one?

A boho table is a great way to enhance outdoor dining. It's a simple yet stylish design, featuring an aesthetic that blends the classic beauty of wood with rustic details and modern elements – perfect for creating an inviting place to share meals.

When it comes to finding the perfect bohemian table, there are lots of options available online. Amazon, Wayfair, Etsy, Walmart, Home Depot, and West Elm, all offer various styles at different price points. Some even include matching chairs or benches as part of the set-up. Depending on your needs and budget you can find something that works perfectly.

Can I leave my picnic table out in the rain?

The short answer is yes, you can leave your picnic table out in the rain. However, there are a few things to consider before doing so. Basically, some materials don’t stand up as well to wetness and should be covered or moved indoors when not in use. Hardwoods, for example, may warp or crack if exposed to humidity for a prolonged period.

Certain types of metal furniture – notably aluminum – may also begin to rust or corrode in wet conditions. If your picnic table is made from any of these materials (or a combination thereof), you'll want to take extra precautions with it during inclement weather.

Are there any accessories to complement a bohemian picnic table setup?

Yes, there are a few great accessories you can get to accessorize your bohemian-inspired picnic table. To start, a chic cloth runner or tablecloth will add the perfect touch for that cozy picnic vibe. Look for colors and patterns that will go with your existing decor - think muted blues and greens, whites, greys, and even turquoise or coral if you’re feeling bold.

Next, consider adding pillows and blankets to create an even more inviting atmosphere. Choosing thicker fabrics on colder days is always a good idea too. Throw blankets in patterned weaves, like denim or fur-like textures are especially popular these days; they make great conversation starters as well.

If you want to take your boho look up a notch, some decorative macramé pieces hanging from the corners of the table would bring it all together. There are tons of tutorials online so don’t be afraid to go DIY with this one. Making your wall hangings from fabric scraps can also be a fun way to use up any leftover material you may have around after making those pillowcases or throws too.

Finally, because no boho picnic is complete without them - don't forget about plants. Potted succulents inside small woven baskets look lovely on tables. Cacti can add an exotic flair while daisies give off more of a countryside feel if you're planning a traditional picnic-style gathering. Whatever aesthetic you ultimately decide on though, just remember that when it comes right down to it, accessories make everything better.

Are all picnic table surfaces waterproof and scratch-resistant?

This is a great question. These tables come in a variety of styles, materials, and finishes, so the answer depends on which model you’re looking at.

Generally speaking, many of these tables are made out of wood or metal and have durable finishes that protect against both water damage and scratches. Some specific materials used for these tables include teak wood, laminate, formulated steel, aluminum, and/or powder-coated metal.

Can I custom order a boho picnic table to suit my needs?

Absolutely! Customizing a bohemian picnic table is a great way to suit your needs and make your outdoor or patio space truly special. Whether you’re looking for a more modern, minimalist-style picnic table with sleek legs and simple planks, or something with bolder colors and designs that will bring life to any backyard party, there are plenty of options available.

How easy is it to set up and take down a picnic table?

Setting up and taking it down is quite easy. Depending on the exact model you have, most tables come with foldable legs that allow for easy assembly, some don't even need extra tools to get it set up and ready. Generally, it takes about 10 minutes or less to set up your picnic table, and break-down time is usually even quicker once you get the hang of it.

How much weight can these picnic tables hold?

The amount of weight that this table can hold is largely dependent on what type of design and materials were used in its construction. Generally speaking, a well-built table should be able to handle around 100 to 200 pounds before beginning to show signs of stress.

However, if you're looking for a particularly sturdy outdoor dining option, there are certain features you'll want to look out for when purchasing your boho-style picnic table. For instance, solid hardwood tables tend to be heavier and sturdier than those made with softwood or composite materials like wicker or plastic.

Additionally, opt for models with thicker legs (at least one inch) and wide support posts which provide extra stability or when uneven ground creates an unstable surface beneath the table's feet. Finally, choose a table with reinforced cross braces instead of slats as they offer more strength when supporting heavier items like heavy cooking pots or drink coolers.

What type of wood is the picnic table made from?

Boho-style tables are typically made from a variety of wood types. This includes sustainable woods like teak, acacia, and eucalyptus. These woods are known for their durability and weather-resistant qualities which make them perfect for outdoor furniture.

They could also be made using reclaimed wood such as old barns or shipping pallets. Reclaimed wood has the added benefit of being eco-friendly while giving your picnic table a unique look.

Other options include cedar, redwood, and mahogany. All these woods have excellent properties that make them great choices for outdoor use as well such as pests resistance and durable rot resistance in more humid climates.

Overall if you're looking for a stylish yet functional picnic table crafted with sustainable materials, then any of the mentioned above can fit the bill perfectly.

Can I use the boho-inspired picnic table as a bench?

Yes, it can be used as a bench, as long as the table is strong enough to support the weight of your body. In most cases, this means that the table should have sturdy legs and a flat surface so you can comfortably sit on it without worrying about it collapsing. Make sure that the design and weight capacity are suitable for whoever will be sitting on it.

What comes with the boho-style picnic table?

When you buy this table, it typically comes with all the necessary elements to make your outdoor dining experience enjoyable and memorable. As standard, it will come with a tabletop (usually rectangular or square) and four legs that are securely attached.

Depending on the manufacturer and model, the size of the tabletop can vary from 4 seats up to 8 seats. Additionally, many bohemian tables come with benches attached or separate pieces that fit onto either side of the tabletop for added seating.

The Best Boho Picnic Table For You

Our top four picks fit the bill and come at a variety of price points. Whether you need something compact that can easily be stored away or an elegant statement piece for your backyard oasis, there is a piece here that is sure to fit the bill.

Plus, these tables come in an array of materials so you can pick something that fits your aesthetic perfectly. We hope that this post has helped narrow down the range of options, and if you have any other questions we are here standing by to help out.

So whether it's an outdoor get-together or simply a cocktail hour in the sun this post has got you covered. Click on the buttons above to learn more about each table and go forward in style with one of these beautiful pieces.

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